An experimental series of prints and a zine. I wanted to play with the idea of duality, hidden images and use the anaglyph 3d concept in a completely different fashion. Instead of viewing an image through the glasses, the viewer must approach the image through different channels in order to see hidden images.
The package includes:
Thoughtography Zine: a 38 page risograph printed booklet with a handmade/ painted cover. Each cover is completely different in design. It showcases recent work and sketches.
Laughing Skull Linoprint: A 2-colored Linoprint, handmade and to be viewed with the anaglyph glasses.
Meditation Linoprint: A 3-colored Linoprint meant to be viewed with the Anaglyph Glasses.
King & Queen Linoprint: A 3 colored Linoprint with reveals a secret image when viewed with the Anaglyph Glass.
Each purchase will include a pair of glasses! And a vintage photograph.
To view and purchase Anaglyph Series, go to my Store
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