March on Alphabet City (click to enlarge) 
Gatekeepers (click to enlarge) 
March on Alphabet City/ The Gatekeepers
So the past couple months, i’ve been working slowly on this project with Avondale Type Company. 
To promote their new typefaces, they asked a variety of artists to use their typefaces and logo, and essentially do whatever they wished. Because of the liberation of time and structure, I took the opportunity to make the most detailed illustration I could possibly make. Only restrictions were to use a specific ATC Typeface, and to use our initials, a symbol and their logo. 
My love for pre-columbian, south-east asian and ancient middle-east sculptures inspired me to create a massive army walking across a landscape. The concept comes from my last name, Bommakanti, which is split into Bommaand Kanti. Bomma means toy, figure, sculpture. While Kanti mean eye.  Hence you see a variety of creatures and people inspired by old sculptures, often with more than two eyes. 
The ATC logo illustration was a mix of traditional and the use of 3d typeface. Its a representation of the aftermath of any conflict. Souls of the dead are being ferried into the void, while the two gatekeepers keep watch, proud of their achievements. 
Original line drawing
Original line drawing
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