The Post-Election events were a paradigm shift for me. As an immigrant who recently got their citizenship in 2011, the results of the election made me automatically unwelcomed in a country where I lived most of my life. That security of knowing I am a naturalized citizen seems to no longer have any credibility. Even now it seems that the civil rights of basic citizens are potentially threatened.  The stress, fear and worry for the future has become the norm of everyday life and everyday practice. Assessment, on a visual level, describes that stress, fear and worry that I felt right after the elections and still feel currently. In a figurative level it’s also a definition of our new presidential cabinet. Driven by anger, hate and corruption. While still attempting to preserve the silhouette-facade of the “everyday politician”. Like the Portrait of Dorian Grey, it’s a manifestation of the corruption of the people in power, preserved within a portrait. A binary projection that serves to set the mood of a new era (or ending of an era), and establish my reactions of the “people in charge”. 

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