Hot! Cro-Croa
An animation made in collaboration with The Story Must Be Told
Hot Cro-Croa! Jonnaman Gripthurst, a lonely boneless man recounts his adventures in the big city as he get a mysterious pop-up when surfing the dark web. A Tv Spot for a popular drink called Cro-Croa, and its premier of its new flavor: 
Hot! Cro-Croa. 
Made with blessing from Post Everything Productions I reached out to a podcast called The Story Must be Told, which is a fictional podcast of upsetting, absurd and surreal narratives. They were more than excited to provided resources and audio for me to use.

Cro-Croa TV spot Audio: Post Everything Productions
Directed and Animated by Sishir Bommakanti 
Additional animations from Jacob Berrier
Intro and Outro music: Mitchell Peterson AKA Slowya.roll
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