In 2011 I started a very inconsistent dream journal to document my dreams in hopes to eventually attain lucidity. This journal was less for interpretation and more for the documentation of the physical environments and actions within my dreams. Within my dreams, the environment is not a concrete foundation, it's a dynamic, surreal and ever changing landscape. Often removed from my dreams, I barely remember these environment, yet I can make an impression of what it could have looked like. I Remember is an experimental book project that synthesizes excerpts from my dream journals and interpretations of the physical nature of my dreams through experimental photography and collage. It's an accurate representation of how I interpret my dream environments, but also represents the loss of memory on those specific environments once I’ve woken up to reality.

The images were created through scanning videos playing on a smartphone screen. The capture from the videos are heavily distorted through the scanning process, then composed and collaged digitally.
This booklet was created for the Midnight Show at Light Grey Art Lab. A show about dreams and the subconscious.  
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