Intellectual Advice Cat Ep.6: Alchemy! 
In this Episode of Intellectual Advice Cat, our Dear Leader and Cosmic Entity, Kat Stevens Katterjon, founder of the Intellectual Advice Cat Institute (IACI) and Prophet of the End Times teaches us how to cook our own particles using alchemy! Join our feline Lord and Savior as he breaks down his recipes through human sacrifice and Pumpkin Spice!
We are proud to be hosted by Buzzfoot Originals, and thanks to our sponsor: DroppedSquared Learning, where you can learn exploitable skills in the Techohydran Imminent and you to can bring shame to your family and friends by using offer code: MEOW MEOW to get 50% off on your next bloodletting ritual! Subscribe now!
This animation was created by ABRAXAS collective's members Sishir Bommakanti and Bryan Paul Patterson. With contribution from Mitch Peterson aka Slowya.Roll.
Direction and Animation by Sishir Bommakanti 
Soundscapes by Mitch Peterson aka Slowya.roll 
CC-BY 3.0 Attribution for Cat Model provided by Yahoo! Japan.
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