Intellectual Advice Cat: The Cult of Cat
Written and voiced by Bryan Paul Patterson
Directed and Animated by Sishir Bommakanti
Music by Sishir Bommakanti
Intellectual Advice Cat is an ongoing spin off series from Soft Horror Boys that involves a Cat Cult Leader who's hell-bent on converting the Soft Horror Boys into cats. An anti-hero in a twisted, bendy, jiggly world of thrilling action and suspenseful exposition, Intellectual Advice Cat stars Yahoo! Japan's library of 3d models that are under the CC-BY attribution. 
This short film is an accumulation of tests and experiments that were structured within a surreal narrative. 

This was featured at Hellavision Television in Minneapolis at The Trylon. Hellavision is an awesome film animation event that brings out some of the most experimental animations ever. You can view the previous episodes and the most recent one on the Hellavision website and YouTube channel:

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