I remember a pack of wild dogs or wolves approaching this small town, the townspeople took notice too late and started to hurry. The wolves started to surround the town, these feral animals were led by a larger canine creature that had the silhouette of a man. As the animals round the townspeople, the larger creature pounces on the weakest and oldest member of the township. It stares down at its victim for a minute and devours it in the most violent way possible. Then looks up to see the frightened and terrified people, as they witness the death of one of their own. The creature stares at them, it kills not for the food, but for the spectacle. It was leading a hunt, but with the intention of decimating everything in its path. I was lucid, but not in control of myself, and in this nightmare, I resumed my actions, and proceeded to devour the others with my pack. It was not my nightmare, but theirs.
This illustration was created for the Midnight Show at Light Grey Art Lab.

Process and Sketches
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