The Lincolnshire Poacher
Acrylic and Oils on Panel.

The Lincolnshire Poacher is a mysterious number station that has no background to it, aside from its potential military function. I accidentally encountered this recording in the middle of the night, played as a transition in a podcast I listen to. Without warning, I was confronted with the full recording of The Lincolnshire Poacher, and needless to say, it terrified me to the core. Moreover, it intrigued me. Like the videotape from the novel Ring, a single form of media has a huge effect and potential consequence. Listening to The Lincolnshire Poacher, I was inspired by how much a simple tune, slightly distorted had enough power to upset me and in the larger conversation of the visual medium, what potential does this have when presented to a larger audience. This painting is a reaction to that audio source. The original recording’s impact had the same wavelength and parallels to my then state of mind. Observing the media before the 2017 inauguration, and seeing a major situation or strange article regarding the new administration had been a major source of anxiety and fear of the future of me, my friends and family. But as soon as I was able to make an indirect comparison to both the painting and the audio, all those feeling were somehow diffused. As if the act of painting this specific composition allowed me to perform a ritual, manifest these creatures and preserve these “demons of the mind” onto a panel, never to bother me again. 

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