The Plastic Yuga 
"Something similar but removed, the days get warmer slowly, cold ground catches the sun, land recedes, meltwater reveals history and starts the wheel of time spinning.  History imprinted into ice reveals itself, from the past, long-dead curses that lay dormant now crawl through air, dirt, and water. Rotting carcass, also revealed, let out the stench of illness and poison. Land melts and recedes, unmoving masses now flow in all directions, Arctic fauna are kept from usual patterns, the wheel of industry slowly encroaches. Unnatural interruptions in water, colorful bits of stone, manufactured and chemical. Gorged upon, birds burst with color and creatures choke, Its practical functions, for humanity, becomes an object of destruction in nature. Broken infrastructure is blamed on the ones that are least protected. A perfect scapegoat for the elite that hide behind walls. Stone walls, meant to protect, instead contain the world’s wealth, which distributed, could answer many problems. Yet, greed and short sighted visionaries make absurd policy and trickle nothing down. Colorful bits of poison constellate our waters, from the depths,  masses are in stranding.Resources are abused, turning ecosystems into hollow structures of history. Ice melts and expands, winds get louder, waters become deeper and at the tipping point, we choose to do nothing. Dependent, poison becomes source.  Exploration, colonization and expansion allowed for exploitation, infestation and deforestation. Sand expands, and cover the graveyard tombstones of the cut forests. Deep in the untouched forests of the world, there lies remnants of an old being that knew life before the impact of Anthropo. Beheaded, scattered, it fades away as the last remnants of an era."
The title, Yuga, comes from Vedic mythology which means cycle. It is derived from Mahayuga, which is the life cycle that the universe goes through in four specific stages.
In this landscape, events are occurring, such as arctic foxes losing ice to migrate to, over-fishing, wealth gap divide, oceanic accidents, introduction of invasive species, rapid deforestation and chemical emissions that are spilling into the oceans and air. Within the topic of climate change, there are too many situations and narratives both significant events and nuanced actions that all affect the fragile state of our earth. This illustration serves as a map to represent contemporary events revolving around petrochemicals, plastics and poison. 
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