The Void Manuscript: The Pyroclastic Shift
18" x 24" Mixed Media on Paper ​​​​​​​
A Vibrant Stratosphere yields warning,
An ecosystem transformed into a weapon.
Bladed Pillars from the heavens have sought residence ages ago,
Its presence has been grounded for generations. 
Deep wounds change the soil as slow as the cycles of seasons, 
Veil of noise is a kiss of poison upon the cheek,
The world laughs.
Islands of conflicts are a plot in the darkness and at the slopes of a beating mountain, the voices are many.
Each action unique and harrowing,
The fire-blood of the earth touches everything in its slow crawl. 
Navigating the Sea of Situation, a turbulent ocean hides the Island’s horizon,
The beasts of the depths emerge from slumber to breathe the ashes. 
Demons wage war in inconvenient times and places. 
As horned creatures fight, armies march, and the outskirts of the cities are turned into a wasteland of skulls, only a few look up in horror 
Clouds block the last rays of sunlight, clouds block the attribute of eventuality.
A final blade at the heart of the Mountain, a god for generations, 
A monument of identity, blood sprays, only a few look up in horror. 
Lost in old knowledge, the academic is aware, proceeds to read scriptures as hot ash burns through pages. The memory of ink is in the mind, even after the book burns. 
Pyroclastic Heart is a mirror, a phenomenon held in awe,
Both here and away.
A bed of gold, a script, recited as manufactured identity speeds away with its coffers,
Many attach like Barnacles,
Not realizing the ship crashes towards land.
A Vibrant Stratosphere yields a warning, Bladed Pillars transformed the land around us. 
We have yet to realize. ​​​​​​​

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