Trickster Entity 
An overtly vicious entity, The Trickster of Poithar is known to haunt the forests that surround the Hollow Mountains of the Maha-Surahas peninsula. All accounts of this devilish creature appear to be the same: a child-like body that floats and contorts as it moves. It wears clothing stolen from high-borns that may have the unfortunate encounter of confronting this demon too close. Its attractions to silks, saturated dyes and colorful fruits and spices make it dangerous for traders to ship anything south of the Hollow Mountains, and royalty traveling through the forests have resigned to wearing commoner clothing in order to avoid these demons that pretty much drove the Highway men out of the black market business in the valley. Their form of terror is to throw molten flaming skulls at the victims and let chaos reign. Because there are more accounts from witnesses than bodies, it’s theorized that this demon may just wish to cause noise, terror and violence but never murder, unless a brave or foolish fellow may take up arms against them (which is where these flaming skulls may originate too). Although the locals claim that dozens of these demons reside in these forests, The Mages Guild and freelance exorcists have concluded that this is a single individual that just happens to change its attire during every robbery, and although the common name for this demon is “The Trickster” because of its childish, mischievous and harassing tendency akin to that of a troublesome child. It’s important to point out that this is a Hoarding Demon, possibly summoned by a foolish, absorbed cultist, whose body was bound to this demon for eternity. That means potentially, this entity has caves full of silks, spices, dyes, armor, weapons and coins that have been accumulating for the past 500 years. If discovered, it can restore the economy of an entire nation. Only if one can figure out how to not get their heads chopped off when confronting “The Trickster”.
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